Best Butt Lifter Exercise - Squats

If you’re ready to make some improvements let’s take a look at one of the best butt lifter exercises known to  man  woman.

The fitness industry’s best personal trainers say squats are the #1 Must-Do Butt Shaper (tied with lunges, of course). That’s right, doing squats will definitely help you get the booty you’ve always dreamed of having.

With Summer just around the corner we want to look and feel our best. For many, finding the best butt lifter exercise is at the top of the list. When you wear a bikini you want to feel comfortable and sexy, not flabby and saggy. I can speak for most women, and say that we all want to feel confident in a bathing suit. As a society we tend to admire women with just the right amount of curves. Maybe we can’t all be as bootylicious as Beyonce but we can sure as hell try, right?

ABOUT THE BUTT: Butt muscles, or the glutes, consist of the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus. The biggest muscle in the body, the gluteus maximus is the majority of the of your buttocks.

SQUATS – Best Butt Exercises?

In order to get the most out of each squat, you must first know how to perform a proper squat.


How to do a Proper Squat:

Best Butt Lifter - Long Beach Personal Trainer

To help engage your glutes to their full potential you need to know how to do a proper squat. First, have your feet hip distance apart, back straight (like your sitting in a chair), your shoulders and abdominal area pulling toward your spine and lastly sit into it as far as you can, almost touching that booty to the ground. Once you master the proper way of doing a squat, you can begin to improve your booty.

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Amy (pictured) is a Level 9 graduate, doing weighted, unbalanced squats. Learn more about Level 9 Long Beach Personal Training.


Most Common Squats:

  • Weighted Squats: Try squatting with 10 pounds the first time, 20 the next and slowly increase the weight each time. You can hold dumbbells by the side of your legs when you squat, hold the weight above your head, or hold the weight out in front of you
  • Body Weight Squat Jumps: Normal squat, but jump off the ground as you come up. You can do these standing in one place, jumping forward moving across a field or jumping up the stairs
  • Pistol Squat: Standing squat while holding one leg straight out in front of you
  • Barbell Squat: Squatting with a bar and weights on your back

Unfortunately, there isn’t one single type of squats that’s better than all the rest for building the butt you’ve always wanted, but mixing up each exercise will definitely push you in the right direction. For hundreds of squat combinations try Level 9 Long Beach Personal Training with the help and guidance of a Fitness Professional.


Photo 1: Monique D – Level 9 VIP Member
Photo 2: Amy A – Level 9 VIP Graduate




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