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Let’s face it, most people joining a boot camp or personal training want the best fat burning tips to reduce body fat, lose weight and tone up. And there is nothing wrong about wishing to fulfill our personal ideals of how we want to look or feel. There are three key strategies in fat burning tips, which will enhance fat loss, especially when combined with Personal Fitness Training or Boot Camp.

Fat Burning Tips to Burn More Fat

Eat Less
Eating less DOES NOT mean going on a starvation diet! The simple fact is when you reduce the amount of calories you eat so that the amount of calories you burn is slightly higher. Without a deficit in your calorie supply your body will not start to burn the excessive fat reserves. You cannot stimulate fat burn without optimizing your calorie intake, moreover eating less means to eat more high quality foods. This method alone isn’t one of the better fat burning techniques. Achieve more with methods 2 and 3.

High quality food (fat burning fuel)
Of course it is not enough to eat less than your daily calorie intake. There is a big difference if your 1500 calories are made of fatty pizza and fries or whether you eat a meal from high quality foods. High quality foods include a healthy amount of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. When your body cannot get all his nutrients, it will leave you with a hungry feeling which should not be the case for a well nurtured body.

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High intensity fitness training
Muscles are the best fat burning mechanisms of our body. The more muscles you have, the more fat you can burn – simple as that. Whether you train at a gym or outdoors in a group or with a trainer, leaving you’re comfort zone is essential. High intensity interval training is one training method to stimulate muscle growth combined with intensive cardio units it will boost your metabolism.

What you should keep in mind about Fat Burning:


In contrast to eating less, eating more than your body needs will result in weight gain as your body saves the excess for later. No chance to tone up the body without optimal eating habits so if you do not feel comfortable with your current diet ask your doctor, nutritionist or personal trainer for nutritional guidance.

However, when following any weight loss diet eating too little will not bring long lasting effects, hence we NEVER recommend simply reducing caloric intake in our lineup of reliable fat burning techniques. With a “crash diet” (drastically reduced caloric intake) your body will change into starvation mode and will try to save the excess reserves for as long as possible. A too small calorie intake combined with intensive training can result in the body attacking your muscles and your body might change to a catabolic metabolism.


Fat Burning Guidelines

The guideline to have six meals a day is a well-known method to enhance your nutrition intake and to advance your fat loss however, if you cannot fit six meals into your daily routine there is no reason to worry. Another claim that eating after your workout will lessen the continuing fat burning is not true. In contrast after a workout your body needs nutrients for a successful regeneration and a stable high level metabolism. Always make proper nutrition a priority when you’re using combined fat burning techniques.
Furthermore long excessive cardio workouts and little weight training might be optimal to enhance your endurance but not to grow muscle and increase your fat burning. On the bright side, you can schedule your workouts and cardio sets at any time of the day. And supplements, as fat-burners ,as against what the industry claims, are not a necessity and in most cases they only burn your finances.

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Find Your Way to Fat Burning Success

Finally, as our bodies all function similarly but not exactly the same. We need to find our own optimal ways around nutrition and training, group exercise or individual fitness programs. We have our individual goals and reasons we train. Utilizing the best fat burning techniques will help us achieve our own goals. The keyword therefore is you, your goals, your body and your personal strategy. This should be a guideline not a rule and as long as you stick to your individual diet combined with an intense training you will reach your goals.


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