Why Join Bootcamp?

Why Join Bootcamp - Boot Camp Long Beach CA

So you’re ready to get in shape but you’re wondering why join bootcamp. With lots of fitness training options and Long Beach group exercise you’ll need to weigh out your options carefully and choose the Long Beach CA boot camp that fits you best.

With so many options, why join bootcamp?

Making fitness a priority for the people in Long Beach is one of our main goals at Level 9 Personal Training with 1-on-1 programs and outdoor group exercise bootcamp. However a boot camp is not only for beginners and people that decide to change their lifestyle. JM created Jed Miller Boot Camp in Long Beach CA to accommodate all types of people. A well rounded program which addresses active people and newbies alike works best.

Joining a boot camp gives you the opportunity to change from the routine, to optimize your fitness level and first of all give you the chance to experience something new. To help you with the decision, whether a boot camp is something you should try we put together the (level) 9 to the question at hand –why join bootcamp?




1. Be outdoors

One of the biggest benefits of Level 9 Long Beach CA bootcamp classes is to be outdoors in the nature, and usually with an ocean view! To breathe the fresh air, using only minimal equipment and changing up the gym routine. Therefore a boot camp class does not only benefit your physical activity but also lets you enjoy the surrounding nature. As soon as you arrive at your outdoor boot camp location the question why join a boot camp will quickly fade away.


2. Train in a group

Almost every day you meet people that tell you they want to get fit and change something about their lifestyle. But they don’t want to join the gym, saying “I am more a group training person”. Well besides many gyms offering classes, a boot camp class is the optimal group activity as it is more of a combined effort by the group to get through the workout. And most of all: nobody will be left behind.

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3. Strengthen your mind

Boot camp is not about some trainer standing next to or above the group and screaming orders. It is more about some trainer standing there, challenging you to go over your limit to control your mind. It is that one repetition, which you thought you could not do but somehow you made it the best of your set. A boot camp class will ask you to find your own discipline and to focus your mind.


4. Boost your metabolism

As any physical activity you do on a regular basis it will most definitely boost your metabolism. However with every routine you will not achieve long term results. In a boot camp you will have a constantly changing workout routine – hence no routine to take it literally. You may workout the same days and times but no workout will be the same. Therefore you will achieve an even bigger boost for your metabolism.


5. Become leaner and toned

We all have a reason why we exercise and it is not unusual that we do it because we want to grow leaner muscles and tone our body. Through the interval character of boot camp workouts consisting of muscle confusion and cardio exercises we can reach an optimum level of high and low heart rate, which makes our bodies switch from simple workout mode into fat burning mode. And that is the bottom line for a leaner and toned body.


6. Improve your flexibility

A boot camp will confront you with new challenges and new exercises. As a result you will improve in your flexibility as your body adapts to the exercises and shapes itself according to the new challenges you put it through. As the training is set to strengthen your muscles but also to tone and make you more lean an improvement of your flexibility is a great side effect.


7. Strengthen your core muscles

If were being honest, who does not want to work on their core? Whoever you ask to work on their abs and core will be always a top 5 answer. The training using body weight, dumb bells and resistance bands will ask in 90% of the exercises our core to work. Therefore if you do squats or push-ups you will strengthen your core muscles without direct focus.

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8. Be MUCH MORE motivated

A boot camp might be tough, might make you go to your limit and over. It might make you feel that you are not as fit as you thought you were. But you are not alone with your trouble and doubts. As a group you are a team that combines the individual effort to achieve goals. The boot camp spirit can give you the motivation you always lacked to keep on going and to push yourself to new personal bests.


9. Enjoy your workout and have FUN

There is not much to say at this point. Try and join a boot camp class and the spirit and atmosphere will infect you. And there is one part that should never be overlooked in a boot camp and that is fun. It might be hard to imagine as all points before gave the impression that you need to invest a lot but a soon as you will hit your first success there will be that special smile on your face – and from that moment on the workout becomes fun.

Those good vibes go beyond the workout too! Your sense of accomplishment, along with a healthy endorphin rush, will literally change your brain chemistry and make you feel amazing! Check back for more on the short term and long term Workout High in future posts.


Maximize your boot camp benefits

There are many more excellent answers to the question of why join a boot camp however, things like weight loss and an improvement of health are just the beginning.  When you combine your boot camp with the appropriate diet and rules of nutrition you’re on track to maximize your long term benefits.


but the choice is YOURS to make





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