Kale – King of Greens

Kale - King of Greens

Kale has always been very popular among “Health Nuts” but lately I’ve seen a huge surge of Kale Freaks that otherwise might never eat any leafy greens.

Why is Kale the King of Greens?

Kale has been proven to provide the body with cholesterol lowering benefits, as well as antioxidant and detoxifying properties.   Raw, steamed or making shakes and smoothies are the only way to preserve all or most of the amazing nutrients found in its raw form.  When steamed, it can more easily bind together with digestive acids in your body.  Kale has the proven ability to lower the risk of cancer when consumed regularly.  Recent studies suggest this is true for at least five types of cancer and more research is being done even as I write this article.  These types include cancer of the breast, colon, bladder, ovaries, prostate and possibly others.  With all of these benefits you’d be crazy not to consume the mega popular greens on a daily basis.

Detoxing the Body

Kale - Eat GreenThe ability of kale to help the body detox on a regular basis makes it even more beneficial as a regular part of any balanced diet.  This is especially important as toxins are currently more prevalent in the human body than any time in history.  The latest research can identify over 45 separate flavonoids such as kaempferol and quercetin.  The flavonoids in kale can provide us with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory abilities.  These properties are the reason it’s the clear King.


Consume kale daily for the best results.  That’s right, I’m recommending daily consumption in your diet raw, steamed or blended shakes and smoothies.  The slightly bitter flavor of raw kale in a shake can easily be overpowered by a number of fruits and/or whey protein powder, which is a supplement you should already be using.  Kale is one of the healthiest green vegetables in the cruciferous vegetable group on the planet.

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A clean whole foods nutrition plan, along with regular exercise such as Long Beach Personal Training will provide your body with the nutrients and exercise needed for long term fitness results.




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