HIIT Pyramid Circuit You Can Do at Home

HIIT Pyramid - High Intensity Interval Training

Do you not have time to spend hours at the gym? If that is the case then HIIT Pyramid sessions are perfect for you! A HIIT workout, or high intensity interval training, can be done in less then 30 minutes with our Level 9 HIIT Long Beach CA programs, or in the comfort of your very own home. It’s easy to make up an excuse to why you can’t go to the gym, but the workout fetured below can be done right at home and you will get the same great feeling you do when leaving the gym. A HIIT workout is always designed for maximum results with a minimal time investment.

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How this HIIT Pyramid works:

Step 1: Warm- up (jumping jacks)

Step 2: 30 seconds dips (You can do these on a chair at home)

Step 3: 10 second rest

Step 4: 45 seconds dips

Step 5: 10 second rest

Step 6: 60 seconds dips

Step 7: 10 second rest

Step 8: Drop to 45 seconds dips (Middle point where you drop your intensity level)

Step 9: 10 second rest

Step 10: 30 seconds dips

Step 11: 10 second rest

Step 10: Repeat entire routine five times, but choose a different workout each time. For example, push-ups, squats, lunges, high knees, mountain climbers etc. (To learn more about the different types of workouts you can choose from speak to a personal trainer today).

Total: 30 minutes


HIIT Pyramid Variations

The great thing about HIIT pyramids is that there are so many different variations you can create so each workout doesn’t become repetitive and boring. Best of all each workout can be done at home or outside, no gym necessary!  These types of workouts incorporate both resistance training and of course plenty of cardiovascular performance based workouts you’ll find in HIIT running intervals, with the ultimate goal of burning calories and building lean muscle. Try a HIIT pyramid session today with a Long Beach personal trainer, or design your very own HIIT plan at home today!



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