Why We Lose Motivation – How to Stay Motivated

Why We Lose Motivation

When you feel like quitting, think about why you started

Do you ever feel unmotivated to workout? You’re not alone if you’ve tried to crack mystery about why we lose motivation. Do you ever feel like sitting on the couch all day? Most of us are in charge of self-motivation and we don’t always follow an action plan. Not everyone can afford to hire the best personal trainer to keep us on track. Well we all have our lazy days, but it’s just as easy jump off the couch and make a change, as it is to sit around and watch the opportunity fly by. Just as any normal person would, I tend to find myself losing motivation to workout as well, but I work hard to find new forms of motivation, just as you should do.

Excuses are always available if you choose to use them. Just remember it is always your choice.

The reasons why we tend to lose motivation are endless, but most often it stems from our own laziness. It’s easy to become lazy, but in order to stay motivated we need to figure out ways in which we can overcome that laziness. Loss of motivation is also due to a lack of focus. When our minds are focused on other things, we tend to shy away from getting up and working out. This could be caused by stressing over work or having to deal with daily chores.

Lastly, a major reason why we lose motivation is due to a lack of direction. If we aren’t working to accomplish something in the end then there is no direction moving us forward, but instead it tends to pull us back. All of these hurdles are easy to overcome and today begins that change. Today you will learn about the different ways in which you can keep yourself motivated before, during and after your workouts and the first step begins and ends with you!

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Tips for Getting Motivated


1. Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Outcome 

First, to begin your fitness journey, you have to start by making fitness your number one priority. Rather then being lazy and thinking of your next meal, try thinking about your next workout. It’s important to think of a workout as a part of your daily routine rather than a task you need to accomplish after work. To do this you can start by leaving motivational sticky notes in your room to wake up to in the morning or by writing out a workout schedule each week. These small, simple things will help you to begin thinking more about working out and less about getting the job done. So, stay motivated and just remember to make each of your workouts a priority, not a job!

2. Set A Goal and Get It Done 

Each goal you set for yourself, gets you that step closer to self fulfillment. It’s important to set achievable goals that you can reach. Once you reach each goal, then you move onto the next set of goals, continuing your direction down a positive moving path. Start by writing your goals down in a journal and by rewarding yourself each time you reach one. This will keep you motivated in the right direction and ultimately make each of your workouts that much more fun! For help with goal setting, workout tracking and progress reporting consider hiring a Personal Trainer.

3. Have A Little Fun With It 

Doing the same workout everyday can be extremely repetitive and boring. Seeking new forms of workouts and changing your daily routine will allow your mind and body to stay motivated. Going the gym everyday and working out on the same machine not only causes your body to hit a plateau but it trains your mind to think about that same boring routine you will be doing after work. Instead of going to the gym everyday, try working out out doors. Instead of using the same machine everyday, try searching for new workouts online or by asking someone for advice. Try participating in a workout class or group activity such as Long Beach volleyball or join a cycling or running club. You could also go for the ultimate motivation- hire a personal fitness trainer. Adding creativity to your workouts will make them that much more enjoyable and will also make you want to continue working out each and every day!

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4. Find Your Perfect Jam

Music plays a huge role in keeping us motivated during a workout. It’s easy to become distracted when working out and even easier to lose focus. Music helps pump us up and stay focused on what we are trying to achieve. Creating a high energy playlist really prepares you for the entire workout. If you don’t have the time or don’t know what type of music to listen to, you can find thousands of playlists online. if music doesn’t motivate you, find something that does. Try reading a magazine, or listening to a motivational speaker, just find your jam and use it to help push you toward your goal!

5. You and Only You

Lastly, your workout is about you and only you. Don’t let someone else keep you from achieving your goals. You are working out for yourself and only yourself. We tend to lose motivation because we tend to compare ourselves to others. The fact of the matter is, it doesn’t matter what other people look like, or what other people can do during their workout, it only matters what you want to achieve and what you get out of it. So, always remember the purpose of every workout begins and ends with you.

So……get off the couch, set your goals and make the change today!!!

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