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Nutrition Rules for Weight Loss

If you’ve ever experienced Level 9 Long Beach personal training or HIIT Long Beach workouts you know following nutrition rules will have a plays a huge role in fitness results for both long term weight loss and also workout power and energy. Read this list, then re-read it until these rules really sink in.

9 Super Important Nutrition Rules

NUTRITION RULE #1 – Feed Your Muscles

Feed your muscles while they heal and grow.  The goal is to boost your metabolism for fat loss when you eat 5 to 7 small whole food meals each day.  Eating every few hours will increase your metabolism drastically over the traditional 3 meals per day routine that so many people follow.  Eating often will keep you in a mild digestion state all day long which means your body is always breaking food down and disposing of waste instead of storing it in fat cells.  Plus you’ll have a steady flow of energy instead of the tired feeling you get from being over stuffed from a big meal.  As always, I want you to NEVER IGNORE HUNGER – eat when your body sends the request for nutrients via a rumbling in the tummy.  Just make sure to eat the right whole foods.


NUTRITION RULE #2 – Consume Protein & Carbohydrates

Get protein and good carbs into your body!  Eating protein and complex carbohydrates in every meal will give your body the proper fuel for energy and muscle development. You don’t need to eat loads of carbs and protein in every meal but definitely aim for 25 to 35 grams or protein and some quality carbohydrates in each meal except your last 2 to 3 meals where carbs should be avoided if your goal is fat loss.  Avoid all white carbs (rice, bread, potatoes, etc) at all times unless your professionally designed plan says something different.  Focus on getting whole grains, oats, brown rice and wholemeal bread in your carb intake.  For protein stick to chicken, eggs, tuna, red meat, beans and fish, especially salmon.


NUTRITION RULE #3 – Get Your Vitamins, Minerals & Nutrients

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Supplements are sometimes needed to fill in the gaps of nutrients you may not be getting enough of in your daily diet.  The most important supplement for most physically active people is whey protein supplements in the form of shakes and bars.  Shakes are generally cleaner, less processed and less likely to contain massive amounts of sugars (natural and synthetic) than protein bars.  A protein shake should be consumed within 1 hour of any resistance workout.  Protein shakes can also be used to combat hunger between meals.


NUTRITION RULE #4 – Eat Good Fats, Avoid Bad Fats

Steer clear of “bad fats” and sodium (salts). “Good fats” are needed for a healthy diet but many fats such as those found in animal fat, junk foods and processed garbage microwave meals should be avoided at all cost. Good fats can be found in fish, nuts, olive oil, and peanut butter to name a few.


NUTRITION RULE #5 – Fuel Up Pre-Workout

Your pre-workout meal will play a big role in how you perform during your exercise session.  Be sure to fuel up within 1 to 2 hours prior to each workout. Eat a small to medium sized meal that provides your body with complex carbs and 25 to 35 grams of protein.  Always allow time for digestion.  Eating right before a workout will do nothing for your energy and power output, plus it could make you feel sick during the workout. The complex carbohydrates will provide you with plenty of energy and power while the protein will help your muscles as you stress them out and make small tears in your muscle fibers.


NUTRITION RULE #6 – Eat Post Workout

A solid post workout meal and/or shake is proven to be the most important meal of a training day because after your workout your body has the ability to absorb muscle healing protein up to 10 times more efficiently than any other time of the day. An after workout shake is an absolute must, even if you work out at night.  Aim for 55 grams of protein after the workout.  A small dose of carbs will further enhance protein absorption by giving your body an insulin spike which activates growth hormone in your body.

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NUTRITION RULE #7 – Drink Tons of H2O

Drink tons of water! Nobody is exempt from this rule and other drinks do not replace the need for water, nothing does.  Proper hydration plays a huge role in repair, quality of muscle and other tissues in the body, flexibility, resistance to injury and overall sense of well being.  Drink water all day and if you get behind you’ll need to chug to catch up.  No excuses.


NUTRITION RULE #8 – Snack Sensibly But DO Snack Often

Healthy snacks will keep your body in fat burning mode all day.  I encourage my clients to snack but only with proper planning. Snacking from a vending machine will make you fat but planning ahead and having almonds or other acceptable snacks on hand is perfectly fine.  I want you to NEVER BE HUNGRY. Look at it this way:  If you’re hungry your body is saying “Hey, we need nutrients NOW” and your body is always right.  As mentioned above make sure you eat the right foods that will boost your metabolism.  Humans are grazers and culture/tradition has made us act different from our natural instincts.


NUTRITION RULE #9 Burn More Calories

Bottom Line:  If your goal is to lose weight you simply need to burn more calories than you take in every single day. If you stick to this rule only sometimes you’re sending mixed messages to your body and you’ll either stay the same or gain more weight. Make a plan and stick to it, no matter what.  If you want to gain muscle and lose fat you may need to make some major changes in your lifestyle but after a few months the changes will become your new norm. Your new lifestyle awaits you.  Once you’ve formed new habits you’ll never regret it!


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