Nutrition Tips – 9 Tips for a Healthy Body

Nutrition Tips - Long Beach Personal Trainer Tips

Food is fuel for your body. Utilizing nutrition tips below you’ll learn to eat all the right foods to energize and recover your body throughout the day and during your workouts. Stop thinking about diets.  Focus on eating the foods that will best compliment your personal training program or boot camp.

Nutrition Tips for Health & Fitness

Ultimately your health and fitness will depend on the choices you make on a daily basis. You can not succeed in staying on track until you’re ready to dump all excuses and follow the nutrition tips below. Take 100% responsibility for your health!

FOR BEST OVERALL FITNESS combine Nutrition Tips with Personal Training fitness program or HIIT High Intensity Interval Training workouts.


The Best Nutrition Tips to Follow

  1. Always plan ahead and shop according to your nutritional plan
  2. Eat small, nutritious meals or snacks every 2-3 hours
  3. Eat the correct amount of calories for your body and your goals
  4. Always include lean protein so your muscles can heal quickly
  5. Drink water- eight 8-ounce glasses of water or more each day
  6. Always eat a healthy breakfast: Eat early and often
  7. Completely remove processed foods from your daily food intake
  8. Avoid fruits and other sugars late in the day
  9. Carefully plan your cheat weekly cheat meal- AND ENJOY IT!


FOLLOW These Nutrition Rules, Starting NOW

If you read the nutrition tips and don’t apply what you’ve learned you’ll still be in the same place.  So take these tips seriously and do whatever it takes to meet your goals.  If you’re considering joining a personal training or group exercise program and you live in Long Beach CA get a free personal training trial and we’ll give you the workout your body is begging for.

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