Total Body Workout

You’re about to rock out on a Total Body Workout provided by Level 9 Long Beach personal trainers. This workout is simple, quick and right to the point. Do this ‘back to basics’ total body exercise routine that’s good for beginners and tough enough for hardcore trainers (when cycled 3+ times).

Follow the ROUNDS RULES below exercises, based on your fitness class. Also check out Level 9 HIIT Long Beach CA programs.


20 Reverse Lunges (alternating)

20 Push Ups (standard if you can)

20 Squats

20 Full Sit Ups

20 Jumping Jacks




C – you workout once in a while, (if you take your health and fitness seriously you’ll make it a priority, learn more with our fitness articles).
CYCLE 2 ROUNDS. 1 minute between rounds for rest, stretching and hydration. No quitting allowed.

B – you’re doing physical activities with or without a trainer 3 to 5 times per week. You are consistent.
CYCLE 3 ROUNDS, 2 minutes between rounds for rest, stretching and hydration.

A – you go hard 4 to 8 times per week (including some doubles) keeping a training routine that makes your friends want to puke just hearing about it. You’re totally addicted and can’t go a single day without the rush.
CYCLE 4 ROUNDS, 3 minutes between rounds for rest, stretching and hydration.


Full Body Workout Aftermath

Be sure to do all the right stuff post workout. Eat right, drink protein shakes and get plenty of rest. After doing a total body workout you might feel run-down or tired. Over time, these type of full body exercise routines will help your body produce added energy. This is your body’s way of prepping for the next total body blast. Total body workouts have great benefits for fat burning and weight loss.

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