Maximize Fitness Training Through Proper Regeneration

There are times in our lives when we genuinely feel exasperated: our eyes are swollen, our skin is pale and articulation is no longer in our might. Those are signs of a tired body and brain – we desperately need rest. Of course those signs are not the same for all of us, however, anyone attending a gym, working out with a personal trainer or in a boot camp on a regular basis needs their time for regeneration and rest.

Regeneration to Maximize your Training

If our muscles are overly tired various symptoms can appear. Pain for example is an often misinterpreted symptom, which many of us take as a sign to increase the training’s pace. In consequence we end up over-training our muscles, which will slow down or stop your progress. Therefore it is important that we learn to read the signs our body gives us, so we don’t end up destroying our training results.

What happens during your training?

During the sets of our personal training, weight training, home DVD exercises, cardio sessions or HIIT workouts, the repetitive motions of the muscles are controlled by our brain telling them to extend and flex. Every motion stretches your muscle which requires warmth and energy gained through the corrosion of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). Furthermore to keep good muscle function and energy resources our body needs oxygen. Our heart works hard to supply the blood cells with enough oxygen to keep up our blood circulation. Hence exercise and training improves our heart-lung-function and thus the body’s capability to transmit oxygen, energy and nutrients.

Schedule your regeneration like your training

crunchConsequently, we need to take care of our regeneration and rest, similar as we take care of our training schedule. But why is regeneration so important to optimize your training?
During training the existential parts of our body are under a certain amount of stress. If you constantly up the stress level your body will sooner or later revolt against itself and hence can no longer get the rest it needs. If you realize during training that you feel unusually exhausted it is time for a break. To regain your energy and to be able to improve in your next workout you need to rest. There are two basic types of regeneration from which your body will profit: short-time regeneration, which you will achieve during sets, and active regeneration, which begins a few days after an intense workout. Thus splitting your training according to the different muscle groups you train will enhance the effect of active regeneration periods and add to your muscle growth.

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Three Principles to optimize your Regeneration:

  1. Time and Sleep
    Your body requires time to rebuild muscles, ligaments and sinews. There are several possibilities for you to improve your regeneration and hence to shorten the length of it. For example, use a foam roller to massage your muscles. This will loosen tensions and lactic acids are dissolved, which are the main reasons for soreness. Stretching and yoga exercise can also help to relax and strengthen your muscles. Moreover, sleep is important for the regeneration of the whole body however if you constantly sleep overly long your hormone cycle will change. Stress and depression can be a result.
  2. Nutrition
    Proper nutrition is the foundation for a healthy lifestyle. Hence half of your success is based on a well-balanced meal plan. After training your body needs water and protein. The water has a cooling and detoxing effect for our muscles. Proteins contain amino acids, which our tired and broken muscles need to rebuild themselves. Adding protein supplements to your diet will enhance the muscle regeneration especially in the time after a workout.
  3. Training’s schedule
    Plan your training ahead. Considering all parts not only training but also your regeneration periods. A well-balanced schedule is the key to success. If you have a schedule that is focused on your individual goals, you will easily have the motivation to work and rest for your goals.

Get the most out of your regeneration:

Now that you have decided to use your necessary and well-deserved days of rest you might consider the following ideas to optimize your regeneration.

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Food: Help your body to adjust to your training by filling your energy reserves in the morning and after a workout. It is alright to eat small amounts of carbohydrates to fill up the glucose reserves at those times. Of course we recommend adding enough protein to your personal nutrition preferences and meal plan.

Hydration: Sweating is part of our workouts, although to lose too much liquid and hence dehydrate, will have negative effects on your performance. Water is enough to support your body’s hydration. However, if you want to enhance your electrolyte level coconut water or sport drinks will be your best options.

Stretching: Through controlled stretches muscles, ligaments and sinews gain in flexibility which will decrease soreness after a workout. Although you should not begin your workout with stretching, start with a little warm up for your muscles. Stretching is most efficient when your muscles are warm and you will risk injuries stretching cold muscles. Therefore we recommend stretches during or after your workout.

Sports Massage or Self Massage: Professional sports-specific massage therapy is undoubtedly one of the major staples in recovery and regeneration for pro athletes. For those seeking the same regeneration and healing benefits, but on a more manageable weekly budget check out percussion guns. A massage gun is mentioned in our 7 Ways to Relieve Muscle Soreness and Recover Faster as one of the best ways to recover from exercise.

Maximize your training

We do work out for a reason, and when we do not achieve the results we are aiming for a lack of regeneration might be one reason. Even if you do feel like you are on the track with your regeneration periods, but still your results are not coming as you wish, maybe you need a change of training? Try something new. Go running, join a boot camp or another fitness group. We want to help you to stop your routine, maximize your training and most importantly – for you to get the results you want. Request your free trial now and get the most out of your workout in 2015.


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