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In this fast paced world we must live with intention in order to optimize our life experience.

Having a Health & Fitness Coach in your corner can make a world of difference in you meeting all of your health and fitness goals. In fact, health and wellness coaching can be highly effective when a program is followed closely. will assist you in establishing your health, fitness and nutrition goals in detail. You and your coach can also address self-care.

This means you may be assigned ‘Homework’ outside of your meetings. Your meetings will take place by video, phone, or chat.

In your meetings you and your coach will discuss four key areas of your health and fitness plan.


Four Key Areas of Fitness & Health Coaching

1. Exercise

During each appointment your coach will evaluate exercise frequency, progress and future workout planning. Your coach may offer suggestions for a weekly workout program and also offer advice about adding, removing or changing your weekly workout program to further improve your results. You will be encouraged to work with a Personal Fitness Trainer in your area. Alternately your coach will suggest and monitor your participation in a well structured online exercise program which ensures total accountability.

2. Nutrition

Planning + Tracking To determine whether you are on the plan which suits your goals and habits the best. There is not a “one-size-fits-all” diet model. You and your Health Coach will evaluate your current plan and make changes as needed to improve your likelihood of ongoing success.

3. Motivation

Attitude and motivation are key factors in achieving long term success in health and wellness. Your Coach aims to help you maintain a positive attitude and reduce negative feelings and personal blocks you may have related to your own health.

4. Self Care

Maintaining habits and routines for self care are incredibly important in maintaining forward momentum achieving long-term healthy habits. Often times a lack of self care can lead to negative emotions about our health and fitness. This can lead to constant setbacks. With healthy self-care practices you stand a better chance to stay on track.

In addition to time management optimization, self care practices your Health & Fitness Coach may address:

  • Daily journaling
  • Sleep hygiene management
  • Meditation & breathing techniques
  • Massage, accupuncture, reiki, cupping
  • Managing healthcare appointments

Select your Plan of Action and move forward starting now. If not now… When? There’s never been a better time to make a 100% commitment to your health, your fitness, yourself.

Rates: Health & Fitness Coaching

All Health & Fitness Coaching Programs provide:

  • 30 Minute Appointments
  • Multiple Options: Video, Phone or Chat
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Progress Tracking

1 Appointment

$55 (Pay-As-You-Go)

1 Appointment Per Week (4 per billing cycle)

$199 ($21/mo Savings)

2 Appointments Per Week (8 per billing cycle)

$359 ($81/mo Savings)

3 Appointments Per Week (12 per billing cycle)

$479 ($181/mo Savings)

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    Avoid Setbacks and Program Interruptions

    Avoid All the Usual Setbacks Associated with Doing it Alone

    Let false starts and setbacks be a thing of your past. Your Health and Fitness Coach is much more than just an accountability partner. Your Coach will always root for your ongoing success and unstoppable progress.

    With proper planning and regular meetings you’ll be ready for anything and face it head on with solutions which are proven to work.



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