Personal Fitness Training

Personal Training Prices in Long Beach California - Level 9 Fitness


Pay-As-You-Go $55 per session
First and Last session due at sign-up / no guaranteed schedule


30 Mins HIIT or GenFit
Guaranteed Schedule
2 to 3 sessions /wk
Nutrition Check-Ins
+$99 Partner Training
Referral Rewards
30 Mins HIIT or GenFit
Guaranteed Schedule
3 to 4 sessions /wk
Nutrition Support
Progressive Program
Goal Specific Workouts
25% OFF Online Coaching
+$149 Up to 3 Members
Referral Rewards
30 Mins HIIT or GenFit
Guaranteed Schedule
4 to 6 sessions /wk
Nutrition Support
Progressive Program
Goal Specific Workouts
50% OFF Online Coaching
App Sync (Apple Watch or FitBit)
+$199 Up to 4 Members
2X Referral Rewards



Start with a No-Cost Fitness Evaluation

Your Fitness Evaluation is a allows you the opportunity to sample the Level 9 training system before you decide to make an investment.

By purchasing Personal Training Sessions or a Personal Training Quantity Package you agree to all terms and conditions below

FREE Referral Bonus Offers
Bonus Offer: one referral client = one free 30 minute session. This Offer is unlimited. Referral client must purchase a minimum of four individual training sessions or one qualifying group exercise package.  Offer applies to free sessions, regardless of personal training prices.


Confidentiality & Privacy
1) All communications between a fitness trainer and a new, existing or potential client, including in-person conversations, email messages, text messages and phone conversations to include but not limited to:  personal/professional information, contact information, fitness history, fitness goals, pricing, special arrangements and promotional offers will be kept completely confidential.
2) Photos/video footage/quotes/testimonials will only be used with a client’s permission.  If permission is granted these materials may be used for promotional purposes on company websites, social media websites, video hosting/sharing websites and print advertising.


Guarantee Of Results
Measurable results are guaranteed when all guidelines are followed. Minimum 3 trained sessions per week.  Minimum 2 self trained 60 minute workouts per week.  Fully detailed food log for every day within a training program package to be presented to fitness trainer once per week.  Food log must include: time-logged entries of every meal, snack and all other food and drinks consumed each day.


Guaranteed Scheduling
After a trial workout a client can request specific training days and times for guaranteed scheduling. After times have been agreed on by client and trainer those times are locked for the duration of a package. Guaranteed scheduling requires 2 training sessions per week minimum. Promotional package clients with guaranteed scheduling may leave their times for a vacation period of up to ten days without losing their fixed schedule, once per package.

No less than 24 hours notice is required to cancel or reschedule a guaranteed appointment (industry standard). Guaranteed appointments canceled with less than 24 hours notice are charged as a regular training session.


Satisfaction Guarantee
After the use of a Free Trial session if you are not 100% satisfied with your training experience you are not required to purchase any additional personal training or group training sessions.  A Free Trial requires no purchase and no commitment.


First and last session payments are due at the first session of a Pay-As-You-Go program.  Personal training prices single session rates apply.  The last session can be used at any time to close the program.


Partner Training Add-On
Partner Training Packages: A standard 20% add-on rate to personal training prices applies to individual training rates with a two person maximum.  If either client decides to leave the program for any reason the pre-paid rate will not be changed and there are no refunds on partner training add-on fees.  Guest (single session) partner training – A 1:1 personal training client can bring a guest for a pre-paid fee of $20 per session.


Travel Workout Programs
Exercise programs are available for clients to use while traveling or those who require maintenance training between personal training sessions. Personalized plans are offered to existing clients as single session workouts or in bulk packages at reduced rates.


Session Transfers & Gifting
All transfers and gifting of sessions must be approved by the personal trainer responsible for that account. All sales are final.

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