Body Sculpting Workout – 90 Day Program

Body Sculpting Workout Program

Use this body sculpting workout program with the Long Beach Personal Training for Extreme Results. A 1-on-1 will be designed specifically for YOU. If your budget is holding you back from 1-on-1 personal training try Level 9 Boot Camp for affordable group exercise in Long Beach CA.

If your top priority is finding an extreme body sculpting workout you’ve come to the right place.

Body Sculpting Workout for Insane Results

Truth is -there’s no pre-designed program that works well for everyone. If you think a DVD Program or even a program you make up as you go will produce extreme body sculpting and tightening results think again. You need your very own customized outdoor personal training 90 day fitness program in order to achieve maximum results in only 3 months. No workout video or generalized workout program (like you find at most gyms) can possibly give you that. To get exactly what your body needs requires a personalized program. The single most important part of your body sculpting workout is you. To get the most out of each hour or half hour you spend exercising a personalized program always works best.

In a very real way  you’re wasting your time with most programs.




Body Sculpting Workout Program

What Makes L9 Personal Training Different?

The Level 9 program is different because it will be designed 100% for you from start to finish.  Using the most current and best personal trainer practices you’ll see quick improvements. The reason so many people in Long Beach and the surrounding areas have gotten amazing results at Level 9 is because their body sculpting workout personal training program was designed specifically for them, based on their goals, time-line, abilities and limitations. Yes, even with physical limitations you can get amazing results with a personalized body sculpting workout program. Melissa, for example, featured in the images on this page, has a pre-existing knee injury which has been a factor in her program but has not slowed her results.  We’ve worked on specifically targeted exercises and movements to strengthen the area. In addition to total customization the Level 9 Fitness programs utilize up to six types of exercise, not just 1 or sometimes 2 types you’ll find with other personal trainers. Plus we encourage all clients to follow a sensible meal plan for maximum benefits and optimal health.


…I wasted lots of money in the UK on physio when all I needed was a great Personal Trainer.  (excerpt from Yelp review)

Melissa F.


Top-Rated Master Fitness Trainer

If you’re looking for the lowest priced personal trainer in Long Beach this is not the body sculpting workout system for you. If you’re searching for a Top-Rated Master Fitness Trainer that will do whatever it takes to help you get the results you want in the shortest amount of time possible Level 9 is where you need to train. Some clients supplement personal training with boot camp classes for even better overall long-term results. If you’re unsure about starting a sculpting program at Level 9 we encourage you to start with a free trial with ZERO Pressure to buy fitness training sessions.

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