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The Level 9 Fitness approach is all about personalization. Your program will never be exactly like another because there’s only one YOU.

When you select the FLEX-PACK Personal Training Package to fit your budget, you and your trainer will customize your session usage to fit your goals, budget and timeline to achieve your micro-goals, as well as macro-goals.


FLEX-PACK can be full 1 HOUR Workouts, or 1/2 HOUR Workouts or HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training, or a combination of all, to fit your specific needs.


FLEX-PACK Example:

Jane wanted to lose 20+ pounds of fat and build lean muscle. She was looking for a toned, sculpted appearance. Her timeline was about 55 days from day 1 of her training program. With her wedding right around the corner see her plan below:


Personal Training Program - Jane

MONDAYS – 55 minute PT
TUESDAYS – 15 minutes core work (homework)
THURSDAYS – 55 minute PT
SATURDAYS – Hike or jog or ride bike (homework)

NOTICE: Jane had 1-on-1 personal training (PT) 4 TIMES but only used 3 HOURS each week by combining 55 minute PT and HIIT PT.


A Level 9 customized plan is your best solution for truly great results in a short amount of time. You’re not a number, you’re a person and there’s nobody on the planet exactly like you so you need your very own personal training program.

On non-personal training days you’ll have plenty of options for supplemental workouts. The key is to move your body, almost every single day. This can be a bike ride, jogging, walking your dog an extra mile, etc.

If you’re on an advanced program you can also refer to the Level 9 home workout list.

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    After you’ve submitted your info for your personal training programs you’ll be all set to start your fitness journey!  Taking the first step is the hardest part but you can do this, as so many others have.

    Make a life-long change toward a more fit and healthy you.  By filling out your personal trainer programs form you’re taking the first step.

    Many people have been in your shoes – that feeling just before the start of personal training programs can be nerve racking.  Take a minute to read their testimonials and you’ll know what you’re in for.

    If 1 on 1 isn’t your thing and you’d like to try  Level 9 outdoor Long Beach boot camp training programs you’re in for quality workouts with up to 30 people per group.  In some cases the groups are much smaller and offer higher level of concentration on a certain style of training or skill level.


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