Boot Camp Trial

This BOOT CAMP TRIAL SESSION could be a defining moment in your life

If you’re ready to fast-track your fitness results this unique Semi-Private Boot Camp Program is your most affordable and effective option in Long Beach California

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    Boot Camp Trial

    Why Should I Schedule Boot Camp Trial?

    This semi-private boot camp training method has been producing results for members in Long Beach CA since 2008. Our track record proves it!

    But don’t take our word for it, try it out and see you you feel. The Level 9 ZERO PRESSURE policy ensures you’ll never be pressured to join.

    Feel free to invite a friend to join you at your trial workout. The best part about teaming up with a friend or co-worker is you’ll have a buddy system which helps with motivation and accountability.

    Is There a Fee for the Trial Offer

    There’s absolutely no fee to try Level 9 Boot Camp. Unlike some other programs there’s no deposit or down payment.

    There’s never a hidden cost and you can relax knowing there’s no ‘gym style sales pitch’. There’s also no pressure to join, because we want you to make an informed decision after you’ve tried it out.

    After your Trial you can compare our very affordable boot camp prices to see which plan is right for you.

    All we ask for is 100% effort and a positive attitude. Also, a medical clearance is required from your doctor if you have any past or current injuries.

    Is Boot Camp as Effective as Personal Training?

    You’ll have a better sense of how effective group training can be for you after a boot camp trial session. Comparing Boot Camp benefits to 1-on-1 Personal Training benefits can help you determine which system is right for you. Both have specific benefits but it really comes down to your needs and personal preferences.

    In the benefits overview below you’ll have a more clear idea of which type of program can word better for you.


    • Very affordable compared to PT
    • Team atmosphere and comradery
    • Can offer the competition element
    • Progression depends on all members
    • Generalized nutrition guidelines


    • 100% personalized program
    • Complete attention and focus from Trainer
    • High level of progressive training
    • personalized adaptable nutrition plan
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