Q: Does Physical Activity Reduce Stress?

Does Physical Activity Reduce Stress?

Will fitness activity benefit your mental fitness?

Regular exercise has been proven to boost self-esteem, ward off anxiety and reduce feelings of depression, decrease stress and improve sleep quality. Thus physically activity benefits not only your physical appearance, but also your psychological health (http://www.adaa.org/understanding-anxiety/related-illnesses/other-related-conditions/stress/physical-activity-reduces-st).


How does physical activity reduce stress?

While you exercise, your body releases endorphins which influence our mental pain perception. A well-known phenomenon is the euphoric feeling following a workout called Runner’s High. Especially when we come home after a long day of work, and feel the mental exhaustion and the tension in our muscles and nerves, a workout will help to loosen the tension and relax the mind. Therefore it is necessary that we have a possibility to relieve our stress.


What YOU can do

An hour of training after work is a good chance to stop worrying about work for an hour, and to focus on the physical activity. Many people spend their working hours in office buildings, which even if you love your job, might feel a bit like an imprisonment. Even if your regularly go to a gym you could try something new and join an outdoor boot camp or train with a personal trainer. With both options you can be sure that your trainer will keep focus on you and your body during the workout. Learning to focus on what you are doing will help to reduce stress in daily situations too.


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Laura Neumeister

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