Healthy Snacks to get through the holidays

Healthy Snacks

If you’re in one of my Long Beach CA boot camp programs you already know I’m a big fan of healthy snacks that taste good and don’t suck. Below I’ll give you my healthy snacks list.

Healthy snacks for guilt free grazing

I want you to snack on healthy foods (check out the full list below) and you should never feel hungry.  NEVER.  If your stomach is rumbling that’s your body’s way of saying “Hey, we need nutrients ASAP.”  I encourage healthy eating habits, not diets.  It’s up to you to give your body what it needs, not just whatever is convenient.  Plan ahead and always have healthy snacking options close by.   The best snack choices are healthy foods that will help fuel your body.  Whole foods make incredible snacks and you need to avoid processed foods at all cost.  There are plenty of choices but I’ll say it again- Plan Ahead and don’t leave anything to chance.

 Benefits of Healthy Snacks

  • Improved health
  • Faster metabolism
  • Weight loss (think snack, not starve)
  • Increased energy
  • Improved mental focus and clarity
  • Faster recovery from workouts (feed the muscles)


Healthy Snacks List

Use the list below to start snacking right.  You’ll feel an increase in energy and mental focus almost immediately.  Remember to snack sensibly.  Fruit snacks should only be eaten from early morning to early evening and in some cases only until noon, depending on your goals.  For help determining your goals or figuring out which snacks you should eat at specific times of day contact me.


  • Green Salad – go ahead and load it up with fresh veggies and chicken (optional)
  • Sliced Chicken Breast – simple protein snack
  • Air Popped Popcorn – great source of protein, no microwave garbage
  • Oatmeal & Protein Powder – awesome combo
  • Nonfat Cottage Cheese – great night time snack
  • Hard Boiled Eggs – eat the whole egg unless you have cholesterol issues
  • Nonfat Yogurt – only all natural
  • Broccoli Florets – simple greens
  • Protein Bars – only all natural
  • Toast With Peanut Butter – use whole grain bread
  • Fruit Smoothies – be careful about timing
  • Bean Salad – mix it up for variety
  • Apple & Peanut Butter – great while on the go
  • Orange Slices
  • Sunflower Seeds – watch sodium content when you buy seeds and nuts
  • Walnuts – unsalted
  • Frozen Bananas – early in the day or pre-workout
  • Frozen Grapes – early in the day or pre-workout
  • Frozen Mangos – early in the day or pre-workout
  • Cherry Tomatoes – pop a few between meals
  • Black Beans & Chicken – creative combos keep it interesting
  • Baked Sweet Potato – as a snack or with a meal
  • Baked or Soy Chips & Hummus – perfect for chip lovers
  • Pickles – only 1, not the whole jar
  • Sliced Apples – be careful with timing
  • Olives – black or green
  • Baked Apple With Cinnamon – timing is key
  • Tuna Salad Sandwich – choose bread wisely
  • Crackers With Tuna – unsalted crackers


Healthy Snacks Only – Junk Food Makes a Junk Body

As a boot camp instructor and Long Beach personal trainer I’ve heard every excuse in the book.  Put aside all of your excuses and start taking responsibility for your snacking habits.  You’ll thank me later.  If you’re in the habit of hitting vending machines or fast food places to curb your hunger you’re doing it all wrong.  Most fast foods and anything that comes in a wrapper is processed to some degree.  A lot of these foods also contain fillers and preservatives, small doses of poison in your body.  When your body can’t identify something as food it will do one of two things:  either pass it through your digestive system or store it in fat cells.  You will never have to grab another candy bar, bag of greasy potato chips or box of cookies because you’ll have the right snacks with you.  Most processed snack foods can also throw your insulin levels off the charts, leading to weight gain.


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Always talk to your health professional if you have special requirements or need in-depth nutritional guidance.  And STAY AWAY from Crash Diets and starvation diets.  Drastic calorie cutting is a short term solution to a long term problem.  When you follow a sensible meal plan you’ll never be hungry and you will lose weight as you burn body fat safely and naturally.

Jed Miller

Multi-Certified Master Fitness Trainer, Group Exercise Instructor, fitness blogger and all around health and exercise nut. JM has worked in PT, health club management and corporate wellness for leading US pharmaceutical companies.

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