Slacklining Long Beach CA – You’ve Got to Try It

Slacklining Long Beach CA

Slacklining Long Beach CA and across the US has become super popular in the past five years or so. Long Beach slacklining enthusiasts say it’s fun, physically demanding and totally addicting. One slackliner told me she was hooked from the start because “No matter how much I practice I’m always still learning and the learning process truly feels like playing, like I’m a kid again.”

What is Slacklining?

At Level 9 Fitness it’s a fitness tool. We use it for exercises as an awesome destabilization tool. More on that below. Traditional slacklining slacklining requires a specially made line which can be either a 1″ wide line varying in lengths or a 2″ wide line, also in a variety of lengths. Slacklining involves the use of webbing tensioned by either a set of specially made caribiners and metal loops or a ratchet which is almost always used with the 2″ line. The slackline is between two anchor points such as palm tree trunks here in Long Beach, often near the beach where you’ll see Bluff Park slacklining groups.

The idea is to balance, walk on the slackline and even do yoga poses or tricks. The folks that use the 2″ line even do extreme tricks like backflips but try this at your own risk and without my blessing. Slacklining is sort of like walking a tight rope at first glance but the big defference is a slackline always has some degree of slack. Go figure. Unlike a tightwire which is presumably tensioned as much as possible, the challenge with slacklining has everything to do with the amount of slack or lack of tension in the line.

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Slacklining for Fitness – Workouts & Exercises

As mentioned above, we use the slackline for fitness routines incorporating resistance training, core training and even cardio.


Super Simple Set-Up and Tear Down

The lines are simple to put up and just as easy to take down. Most slackline kits come with a bag for easy travel. There’s no limit to the places you can practice slacklining as long as you’ve got two stable posts, tress or other anchor point you’re sure can hold at least double your weight.

Long Beach CA Slacklining

Yogaslackers & Trickliners

There are two types of slacklining which differ by line width and overall approach and intention of the slackliner. Yogaslackers use a 1″ wide line and prefer slow, relaxed movements. This is the more medatative or yoga inspired technique which some say is a great destressor, while also a great core and stabilization workout. The 2″ wide slackline is more satisfying to those looking for a rush or at the very least a more action packed experience. More experienced trickliners are able to do tricks like the “butt bounce” and even flips. As far as Long Beach slacklining goes I’d say it’s about a 60/40 split in favor of the 2″ trickline. Try both and see what you like best!


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