Sport and Sexuality – What’s the Connection?

Fitness, Sport and Sexuality

For the majority of people love and sex simply belong together. In contrast to our emotional approach to lust and sex are absolute natural biological instincts of any human being, similar to our desire for food, water, exercise, etc.

Thus it is important for humans to follow their instincts and to fulfill their sexual needs to avoid frustration or in rare cases psychological problems.

Fitness, Sport and Sexuality

Sex is healthy and also a major physical effort for our bodies. Our pulse rises about 50-80 beats per minute, and our breathing and blood pressure increase too. A similar phenomenon for our body functions appear when we exercise.

Thus the question how sex and fitness correlate and what are resulting interdependencies of the correlation has been discussed by scientist for years. Recent studies show that sex and fitness belong together, similar as sex and love.

Does Sex make us fit? Does Fitness make us sexy?

Over a long time the myth that sex before physical activity decreases the body’s performance immensely, has existed for the professional team sports all over the world. Due to individual physical build-up and furthermore the individual preferences when it comes to sex, science had a hard time to prove the opposite. However a 2003 study managed to end the discussion . According to their study, pre-exercise sex has in most cases no negative influence on an athlete’s performance. In contrast, most athletes report that sex helps them to get deeper relaxation and better sleep before a competition or match.
Moreover fitness makes us sexy. Of course there are individual preferences for what kind of sport we enjoy watching the athletes of the opposite sex compete in. For some might it be swimming or soccer, for others it is dancing or cheerleading. In general this can be transferred onto an individual level. If we are content with our individual fitness we will be more attractive to ourselves and others.

Sport and Fitness enhance a healthy sex-life

Recent studies show that fit people, who exercise on a regular basis, enjoy a better and fulfilling sex-life than the people avoiding sports. Although the various types of physical activity have different influence on our sexuality, however any kind of regular exercise will have a positive influence on our sex-life. Thereby is a regular and fulfilling sex-life no longer a guarantee in our modern world. Next to typical diseases as overweight, high blood pressure and other heart-circulation diseases, sexual dysfunctions and unsatisfactory sex belong to the most reported medical problems in our society. Athletic people live healthier, have more sex and consequently they enhance their health and fitness. This is something we all can achieve if we are willing to live a more active life.


Sport and Sexuality– any sport?

Physical activity increases your fitness level, is healthy and can positively affect your sex life. Of course there are some exceptions that are not as effective for the latter. For example studies imply that approximately 4 hours of cycling per week will negatively affect the male potency. But also for female athletes there can be consequences as for example orgasm weakness or numbness in the genital area. On the other hand whenever we maintain a diet with negative calorie balance it can have an effect on our hormone levels and thus affect our sex life. While women may experience problems with their menstrual cycle or sexual aversion, for men, especially when illegal supplements are taken, it can lead to sexual dysfunction. Therefore it is again a question of how much is good for yourself, which means we have to listen to our body as we sometimes want more than we should have.


Keep in Mind

Sex, sport and fitness all three together with love are the mixture we need to have a fulfilled sex-life. The importance is that we do not over-do it with certain activities or diets, but listen to our body’s needs instead.  Similarly when we want to grow muscles effectively, sometimes less can be more. Thus it can help to join a fitness group, boot camp or even consider personal training to learn the limits of our body and built a base for further improvements. Sport and sex correlate perfectly and in combination they can help us to live a healthier and fulfilled life.

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Laura Neumeister

Originally from Weyhe Germany and fluent in three languages, Laura is a world traveler, freelance author & journalist, currently blogging for Level 9 Fitness in Long Beach California.

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